Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.

Custom Mala

A unique mala – designed just for you.

Have a mala designed specifically for you.  Even design your own mala with the help of the artisan & designer, Liz Nichols. 

Some of your many options to inspire your custom mala include:

Astrology Gemstone Prescription: Connect with Mehtab, a Vedic Astrologer that Liz works with directly and have him recommend a mala based on your Astrological chart, you can even specify areas of your life to enhance such as career, family or health.

Chakra: Most gemstones are associated with one or more chakra energies.  Liz can design a mala to specifically work with the chakra you are focusing on.

Intention: Each stone is traditionally thought to have a “personality” or bring about a beneficial affect, a custom mala is a perfect way to simply harness an intention you have in your life.

Ayervedic Dosha: In Ayerveda, a sister science to yoga, it is believed each person is a combination of one or multiple “doshas” and certain gemstones have a way of calming a dosha that is out of balance.


Contact me to find out more or get started on your own custom mala design.  See my gallery for ideas.