Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.


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Mala re-purposing

Usually, when our mala breaks, it’s a tough moment because we become attached to our malas, having chanted and warn them for some time. But, according to the yogis, once your mala breaks, you no longer need that one. Meaning, the relationship/karma associated with the mala is complete.  However, what do you do with the beads? One option is to create a piece of jewelry out of those beads.  If you still want it to look like a mala, I can string on wire and add a new tassel to the end with your choice in color. The other option I offer, is to string on wire and add a clasp, which is nice if you like to wear your mala on your wrist.  Once you purchase, I’ll contact you to find out which of these you prefer, if we haven’t talked already.

Price: $30.00