Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.

Rose Quartz, Garnet & Quartz with Rhodochrosite

Love Mala

Rose Quartz, Garnet & Clear Quartz with Carved Sterling Silver Bead and Rhodochrosite pendant

Known as a stone of love for all, rose quartz will bring soothing energy, stress relief, love and emotional healing.  A stone of the ancients, garnet helps enhance your vitality and endurance on a vibrational level, activates and strengthens the root chakra by grounding to the physical world, helping to see what is true and false; tangible or intangible.  Clear Quartz, a stone of light, amplifies energy and heightens spiritual energy.   One of the main stones for the heart, rhodocrosite is focused on self-love to support emotional healing.  Helps release negative memories, so that it can cleanse and heal the aura around the heart.


Chakras: Muladhara, Manipura, Anahata