Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.

Lapis & Picture Jasper with Pyrite

Spiritual Clarity Mala


Lapis & Picture Jasper with Pyrite

A true stone of the ancients, lapis was greatly used by pharos and is imbued with the quality of royalty and spirituality.  Can be used in meditation especially in conjunction with the 3rd eye, enhances intellect and is a great companion for true students and teachers.  The addition of picture jasper brings in deep earth energy that can assist in meditation by grounding one to the earth and allowing them to “travel” on an inner journey.  Pyrite, which naturally runs through lapis stone helps increase vitality and willpower so that you can overcome bad habits while establishing positive and healthy patterns to replace them.


Chakras: Muladhara, Vishuddha, Ajna



String: hand knotted on silk cord with silk tassel

Bead size: 6mm

Main stone: Lapis

Secondary Stone: Picture Jasper

Guru Bead: Pyrite

Charm: Bronze