Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.

Aventurine with Ocean Jasper & carved Jade bead

Good Fortune Mala

Faceted Aventurine with Ocean Jasper and carved Jade bead

A great aid during times of transition, aventurine brings the energy of confidence and optimism when moving forward with one’s life and dealing with challenges in the cycle of life, such as aging.  Also brings a sense of humor and lightness to situations and is thought to be a “good luck” stone.  This circular pattern of ocean jasper symbolizes the connection of us all and reminds us that nature is it cyclical, fluid and rhythmic.  Green jade is a stone to help heal the heart, it has a strong energetic flow that assists your body’s life force or chi.

Chakra: Anahata




String: hand knotted on silk cord with silk tassel

Bead size: 8mm

Main stone: Faceted Amazonite

Guru Bead: Ocean Jasper with Carved Green Jade Bead Below, separated by small wood bead