Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.

Aventurine & Rosewood with Agate Druze

Compassion & Healing Mala

Aventurine & Rosewood beads, Agate Druze guru bead, Blossom Tassel accented with Pink Tourmaline

A great aid during times of transition, aventurine brings the energy of confidence and optimism when moving forward with one’s life and dealing with challenges in the cycle of life, such as aging.  Also brings a sense of humor and lightness to situations and is thought to be a “good luck” stone.

Rosewood, the wood of love, assists in manifesting dreams and the desire to heal.  Pink tourmaline radiates love and restores a sense of wholeness; releasing stress, worry, anxiety and depression, allowing one to regain a passion for life.


Chakra: Anahata