Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.


Liz grew up in Virginia, spending much of her childhood exploring the forest next to her home and hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains. She has had a love for gemstones, minerals and nature for as long as she can remember. 

Her first career after college was working in a macromolecular crystallography laboratory where the research required finding just the right conditions for protein molecules to align in a crystallized state.  That’s right – even with a biochemistry degree Liz found a way to play with crystals.

After moving to Austin, TX her life took a slightly different direction.  She joined a teacher training program to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  Her love for teaching grew and she went on to become certified in Hatha Yoga as well and equally enjoys practicing and teaching both styles of yoga.  Now, in addition to teaching and making malas, she utilizes the technical side of her brain to make websites like this one!

Her mala designing began after she started working for a friend’s Indian import business that sought to bring tools for yogis such as malas, journals & sacred pendants.  This company (Atma’s Offerings) imports malas made of semi-precious gemstones and Liz was immediately interested in creating her own.  She was trained how to string and knot beads and from there worked on perfecting her technique.  Now, she trains others to create malas.

Liz mnts

Liz hiking in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.