Custom malas & gemstone jewelry.

Mala Essence

The name Mala Essence comes from part of Liz’s spiritual name, Shabad Ras.  Ras is usually translated as essence but it also means enjoyment.  Her malas are the essence of what constitutes a mala, they include gemstones, sandalwood and rudraksha seeds that are unaltered*  from their natural form and each mala is created with care and treated as a sacred object.

The traditional tassel is sometimes replaced with a pendant, or has a charm attached to it and the mala might include links, bead caps, rings or other accessories used in jewelry making. The product, designed to wear as a necklace is, at it essence, a mala, each will always contain that auspicious number of 108 beads, along with spacers of various kinds and, depending on the type of mala, may have these spacer components at different places based on what influenced the design.


*not dyed or chemically treated – on occasion beads are used that have been “stabilized” to increase the stability of the stone bead but when possible, even this is avoided.